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velvet house on sackville street

label aad hoc ahr007
更新日 2019.06.03
売切れ日 2019.06.03
入荷予定日 2019.06.04

tags:#brokenbeats #nujazz

DJ Feedback

Red Rack'em :
"This is proper."

Danielle Moore (Crazy P) :
"Lovely melodies, jazz influences all round."

Auntie Flo:
"Nice release!"

Rune Lindb�k :
"I love Heart Strings."

Robert James (DC-10) :
"These are ace."

Loz Goddard (Church) :
"Lovely stuff"

Replika :
"Love the EP. Support!"

Hot Toddy (Crazy P) :
"Really good quality stuff."

Moodmanc :

Tom Burclay (Compost Black Label Sessions):
"Delightful release."

Tricky Disco :
"Refreshing stuff from Yadava. Lovely mixture of sounds and moods. Go Slow is my fav. Will be playing on the beaches and at sunsets."

Rikki Humphrey (NTS) :
"Go on Yad!"

Gina Breeze :
"Lovely stuff."

Aly Gillani (First Word Records) :
"This is dope."

Alan Ritchie :
"Loving this EP mate. I'll be dropping this in and around the bars & clubs of Cambodia and Vietnam on my up coming tour in March. "

Martin Brew (Fat City Records) :
"Certainly deserves to be played out and loud!"

A1: Grapefruits
A2: Heart Strings
B1: Camomile Samba
B2: Go Slow

LISTEN MP3 1590yen
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